Running On...

The system that we use and recommend you running Pinry on is Ubuntu. That being said we provide buildout configs and pay very close attention to all other operating systems, you should be able to develop/test/deploy pinry on every platform, we just don’t give support for them.


Ubuntu is pretty simple to get Pinry running get some of our required packages first:

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv git npm
sudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging
sudo npm install -g bower

Then you’ll need to get Pinry and setup our virtualenv:

git clone
cd pinry
virtualenv .
bower install
bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

From here you have a full working install of Pinry! You can:

  • Run some tests: bin/python test
  • Run a development server: bin/python runserver
  • Edit the settings files: pinry/settings
  • Customize the theme: pinry/templates + pinry/static

Database Notes

When setting up for the first time you’ll need to run syncdb and migrations because we use South:

bin/python syncdb --migrate