Getting Started

Below are the most basic requirements and a small test to make sure everything is running properly before you get into the heavy lifting. Alternatively you can skip to deployment and use our Dockerfile that will build and run everything for you!


Pinry is built on top of Django and optimized to run on a Linux environment. However we have gotten Pinry to work on Windows and Mac as well but it may require some extra digging around configuration. Pinry’s Python requirements are all in the requirements.txt file and easily installable once you have up a virtual environment. What you need initially:

  • Python
  • virtualenv
  • pip
  • Pillow build dependencies or the most recent version installed on your OS and use virtualenv --system-site-packages when initiating virtualenv.
  • Node
  • Bower

After you have all of the above you can skip to Testing and make sure it all works.


We have many tests built into Pinry to ensure that changes don’t break anything. If you are live dangerously and have cutting edge new Pinry features first you can use our master branch for your own instance. We recommend using our tags/versions though.

To run Pinry’s tests inside the Pinry repo run:

virtualenv .
bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
bin/python test