Basic Customization

Since we use the standard Django templating system you can edit pinry/templates and pinry/static to change the overall look and feel of Pinry. It’s all basic HTML, CSS and JS built on top of Bootstrap and some custom JavaScript plugins, we don’t provide any support for modifications to any of this and future updates of Pinry may need to overwrite your changes so use caution when changing the way Pinry looks.

Custom Settings

We currently have two custom settings you can change in pinry/settings/

# Set to False to disable people from creating new accounts.

# Set to False to force users to login before seeing any pins.

ALLOW_NEW_REGISTRATIONS by default is set to False to prevent random people from signing up to your Pinry, to create new private users you can use Django’s createsuperuser, add them to the database manually or open registrations temporarily while you get your friends/family/coworkers to sign up.

PUBLIC by default is set to True, if you set to False users will have to login to see any of your pins. This is a great way to create a completely private system for a few users or just yourself.